YaraLiva - Calcium nitrate fertilizers

Calcium nitrate fertilizers ensure high value quality field crops

YaraLiva fertilizers are a range of calcium nitrate based fertilizers combining fast acting nitrate nitrogen alongside strength-building calcium and boron, designed for high value quality field crops to improve the size, strength, appearance and importantly marketable yield with prolonged storage life.

Why choose YaraLiva calcium nitrate ?

YaraLiva calcium nitrate fertilizers
YaraLiva calcium nitrate fertilizers

Efficient plant available nutrients

  • Immediately available nitrogen - YaraLiva fertilizers all contain fast acting nitrate nitrogen the preferred N source. Crops respond more quickly to nitrate. It is also more mobile in the soil and immediately available to the crop.
  • Highly soluble calcium - Calcium is present as calcium nitrate which is the most soluble form of calcium, immediately available for plant uptake, unlike other more insoluble forms.
  • Essential boron- Alongside calcium, boron improves the cellular integrity of plants and produce. The synergy with calcium is such that while high levels of calcium can increase tissue stiffness and risk of cracking, boron counteracts this by increasing tissue elasticity.